About Biobite

Chewing properly, tastes better!

Biobite LKKR is our tough powercake. We produce the buckwheat or spelt variety. Valuable grains, supplemented with oats and millet, ensure that there is plenty to chew on.   Ofcourse LKKR is completely delicious.

Tastes better

Biobite is filled with natural tastiness. This is ofcourse deliberate, because delicious food enriches one’s life. By properly chewing, all that deliciousness is released. Your tongue is experiencing hazelnuts, almonds, seeds, dates, berries and apricots, as well as spices to enhance the taste. All of this against the flavouresome background of valuable grains, among which buckwheat, spelt, oats and millet. In short, LKKR!

Where is it for Sale:

Biobite is available in more and more places in the Netherlands and Belgium. http://www.biobite.nl/index.php/nl/consument/waar-te-koop or Webstore: order Biobite directly, check for free delivery http://www.biobite.nl/index.php/nl/bestellen

Please contact us for distribution options in Germany, UK or Scandinavia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




BioBite Nederland BV

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Vegan BIO Certificaat  

Contact Susanne de Raaij E biobite@biobite.nl M 06 519 92 994